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Cities in Colorado

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the cities and towns of Colorado! Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant communities that make up the Centennial State. Our curated list showcases a diverse array of cities and towns in Colorado, each with its own unique allure and attractions.

Discover the bustling capital city of Denver, nestled against the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. Explore its vibrant arts scene, indulge in world-class dining, and immerse yourself in the rich cultural offerings. Experience the charm of mountain towns like Aspen, Breckenridge, and Telluride, renowned for their world-class ski resorts, outdoor adventures, and scenic beauty.

Colorado State Flag
Colorado State Flag

As you delve into our list, you’ll find relevant facts about each city and town, including population figures that highlight their size and growth. Colorado’s cities and towns embody the state’s spirit of adventure, love for the outdoors, and a thriving cultural scene.

Embark on a captivating journey through the cities and towns of Colorado. Let our guide and map be your trusted companions, leading you to unforgettable experiences and the vibrant essence of the Centennial State.

List of Cities in Colorado

MunicipalityType of governmentCountyPopulation (2020)
AguilarStatutory townLas Animas456
Akron Statutory townWashington1,757
Alamosa Home rule cityAlamosa9,806
AlmaStatutory townPark296
AntonitoStatutory townConejos647
ArribaStatutory townLincoln202
ArvadaHome rule cityJefferson , Adams124,402
Aspen Home rule cityPitkin7,004
AultStatutory townWeld1,887
AuroraHome rule cityArapahoe , Adams , Douglas386,261
AvonHome rule townEagle6,072
BasaltHome rule townEagle , Pitkin3,984
BayfieldStatutory townLa Plata2,838
BennettStatutory townAdams , Arapahoe2,862
BerthoudStatutory townLarimer , Weld10,332
BethuneStatutory townKit Carson183
Black HawkHome rule cityGilpin127
BlancaStatutory townCostilla322
Blue RiverStatutory townSummit877
BonanzaStatutory townSaguache17
BooneStatutory townPueblo305
BoulderHome rule cityBoulder108,250
Bow MarStatutory townArapahoe , Jefferson853
BransonStatutory townLas Animas57
BreckenridgeHome rule townSummit5,078
Brighton Home rule cityAdams , Weld40,083
BrooksideStatutory townFremont236
Broomfield Consolidated city and countyBroomfield74,112
BrushStatutory cityMorgan5,339
Buena VistaStatutory townChaffee2,855
Burlington Home rule cityKit Carson3,172
CalhanStatutory townEl Paso762
CampoStatutory townBaca103
CaƱon CityHome rule cityFremont17,141
CarbonateStatutory townGarfield0
CarbondaleHome rule townGarfield6,434
Castle PinesHome rule cityDouglas11,036
Castle Rock Home rule townDouglas73,158
CedaredgeHome rule townDelta2,279
CentennialHome rule cityArapahoe108,418
CenterStatutory townSaguache , Rio Grande1,929
Central CityHome rule cityGilpin , Clear Creek779
CherawStatutory townOtero237
Cherry Hills VillageHome rule cityArapahoe6,442
Cheyenne Wells Statutory townCheyenne758
Coal CreekStatutory townFremont364
CokedaleStatutory townLas Animas127
CollbranStatutory townMesa369
Colorado SpringsHome rule cityEl Paso478,961
Columbine ValleyStatutory townArapahoe1,502
Commerce CityHome rule cityAdams62,418
Cortez Home rule cityMontezuma8,766
CraigHome rule cityMoffat9,060
CrawfordStatutory townDelta403
CreedeStatutory townMineral257
Crested ButteHome rule townGunnison1,639
CrestoneStatutory townSaguache141
Cripple Creek Statutory cityTeller1,155
CrookStatutory townLogan133
CrowleyStatutory townCrowley166
DaconoHome rule cityWeld6,297
De BequeStatutory townMesa493
Deer TrailStatutory townArapahoe1,068
Del Norte Statutory townRio Grande1,458
Delta Home rule cityDelta9,035
DenverConsolidated city and countyDenver715,522
DillonHome rule townSummit1,064
DinosaurStatutory townMoffat243
DoloresStatutory townMontezuma885
Dove Creek Statutory townDolores635
DurangoHome rule cityLa Plata19,071
Eads Statutory townKiowa672
Eagle Statutory townEagle7,511
EatonStatutory townWeld5,802
EckleyStatutory townYuma232
EdgewaterHome rule cityJefferson5,005
ElizabethStatutory townElbert1,675
EmpireStatutory townClear Creek345
EnglewoodHome rule cityArapahoe33,659
ErieStatutory townWeld Boulder30,038
Estes ParkStatutory townLarimer5,904
EvansHome rule cityWeld22,165
Fairplay Statutory townPark724
Federal HeightsHome rule cityAdams14,382
FirestoneStatutory townWeld16,381
FlaglerStatutory townKit Carson567
FlemingStatutory townLogan428
FlorenceStatutory cityFremont3,822
Fort CollinsHome rule cityLarimer169,810
Fort LuptonStatutory cityWeld7,955
Fort MorganHome rule cityMorgan11,597
FountainHome rule cityEl Paso29,802
FowlerStatutory townOtero1,253
FoxfieldStatutory townArapahoe754
FraserStatutory townGrand1,400
FrederickStatutory townWeld14,513
FriscoHome rule townSummit2,913
FruitaHome rule cityMesa13,395
Garden CityStatutory townWeld254
GenoaStatutory townLincoln153
Georgetown Territorial charter municipalityClear Creek1,118
GilcrestStatutory townWeld1,029
GlendaleHome rule cityArapahoe4,613
Glenwood SpringsHome rule cityGarfield9,963
Golden Home rule cityJefferson20,399
GranadaStatutory townProwers445
GranbyStatutory townGrand2,079
Grand JunctionHome rule cityMesa65,560
Grand LakeStatutory townGrand410
GreeleyHome rule cityWeld108,795
Green Mountain FallsStatutory townEl Paso , Teller646
Greenwood VillageHome rule cityArapahoe15,691
GroverStatutory townWeld157
Gunnison Home rule cityGunnison6,560
GypsumHome rule townEagle8,040
HartmanStatutory townProwers56
HaswellStatutory townKiowa71
HaxtunStatutory townPhillips981
HaydenHome rule townRoutt1,941
HillroseStatutory townMorgan312
HollyStatutory townProwers837
Holyoke Home rule cityPhillips2,346
HooperStatutory townAlamosa81
Hot Sulphur Springs Statutory townGrand687
HotchkissStatutory townDelta875
HudsonStatutory townWeld1,651
Hugo Statutory townLincoln787
Idaho SpringsStatutory cityClear Creek1,782
IgnacioStatutory townLa Plata852
IliffStatutory townLogan246
JamestownStatutory townBoulder256
JohnstownHome rule townWeld , Larimer17,303
Julesburg Statutory townSedgwick1,307
KeenesburgStatutory townWeld1,250
KerseyStatutory townWeld1,495
KeystoneHome rule townSummit1,369
KimStatutory townLas Animas63
Kiowa Home rule townElbert725
Kit CarsonStatutory townCheyenne255
KremmlingStatutory townGrand1,509
La JaraStatutory townConejos730
La Junta Home rule cityOtero7,322
La VetaStatutory townHuerfano862
LafayetteHome rule cityBoulder30,411
Lake City Statutory townHinsdale432
LakesideStatutory townJefferson16
LakewoodHome rule cityJefferson155,984
Lamar Home rule cityProwers7,687
LarkspurHome rule townDouglas206
Las Animas Statutory cityBent2,300
LaSalleStatutory townWeld2,359
Leadville Statutory cityLake2,633
LimonStatutory townLincoln2,043
Littleton Home rule cityArapahoe , Jefferson , Douglas45,652
LochbuieStatutory townWeld , Adams8,088
Log Lane VillageStatutory townMorgan913
Lone TreeHome rule cityDouglas14,253
LongmontHome rule cityBoulder , Weld98,885
LouisvilleHome rule cityBoulder21,226
LovelandHome rule cityLarimer76,378
LyonsStatutory townBoulder2,209
ManassaStatutory townConejos947
MancosStatutory townMontezuma1,196
Manitou SpringsHome rule cityEl Paso4,858
ManzanolaStatutory townOtero341
MarbleStatutory townGunnison133
MeadStatutory townWeld4,781
Meeker Statutory townRio Blanco2,374
MerinoStatutory townLogan281
MillikenStatutory townWeld8,386
MinturnHome rule townEagle1,033
MoffatStatutory townSaguache108
Monte VistaHome rule cityRio Grande4,247
MontezumaStatutory townSummit74
MontroseHome rule cityMontrose20,291
MonumentHome rule townEl Paso10,399
MorrisonHome rule townJefferson396
Mount Crested ButteHome rule townGunnison941
Mountain ViewHome rule townJefferson541
Mountain VillageHome rule townSan Miguel1,264
NaturitaStatutory townMontrose485
NederlandStatutory townBoulder1,471
New CastleHome rule townGarfield4,923
NorthglennHome rule cityAdams , Weld38,131
NorwoodStatutory townSan Miguel535
NuclaStatutory townMontrose585
NunnStatutory townWeld504
Oak CreekStatutory townRoutt889
OlatheStatutory townMontrose2,019
Olney SpringsStatutory townCrowley315
OphirHome rule townSan Miguel197
Orchard CityStatutory townDelta3,142
Ordway Statutory townCrowley1,066
OtisStatutory townWashington511
Ouray Home rule cityOuray898
OvidStatutory townSedgwick271
Pagosa Springs Home rule townArchuleta1,571
PalisadeStatutory townMesa2,565
Palmer LakeStatutory townEl Paso2,636
PaoliStatutory townPhillips51
PaoniaStatutory townDelta1,447
ParachuteHome rule townGarfield1,390
ParkerHome rule townDouglas58,512
PeetzStatutory townLogan213
PierceStatutory townWeld1,097
PitkinStatutory townGunnison72
PlattevilleStatutory townWeld2,955
Poncha SpringsStatutory townChaffee925
PritchettStatutory townBaca112
PuebloHome rule cityPueblo111,876
RamahStatutory townEl Paso111
RangelyStatutory townRio Blanco2,299
RaymerStatutory townWeld110
Red CliffStatutory townEagle257
RicoHome rule townDolores288
RidgwayHome rule townOuray1,183
RifleHome rule cityGarfield10,437
RockvaleStatutory townFremont511
Rocky FordStatutory cityOtero3,876
RomeoStatutory townConejos302
RyeStatutory townPueblo206
SaguacheStatutory townSaguache539
Salida Statutory cityChaffee5,666
San LuisStatutory townCostilla598
SanfordHome rule townConejos879
SawpitStatutory townSan Miguel38
SedgwickStatutory townSedgwick172
SeibertStatutory townKit Carson172
SeveranceStatutory townWeld7,683
SheridanHome rule cityArapahoe6,105
Sheridan LakeStatutory townKiowa55
SiltHome rule townGarfield3,536
Silver CliffStatutory townCuster609
Silver PlumeStatutory townClear Creek207
SilverthorneHome rule townSummit4,402
Silverton Statutory townSan Juan622
SimlaStatutory townElbert601
Snowmass VillageHome rule townPitkin3,096
South ForkStatutory townRio Grande510
Springfield Statutory townBaca1,325
StarkvilleStatutory townLas Animas62
Steamboat SpringsHome rule cityRoutt13,224
SterlingHome rule cityLogan13,735
StrattonStatutory townKit Carson656
Sugar CityStatutory townCrowley259
SuperiorStatutory townBoulder , Jefferson13,094
SwinkStatutory townOtero604
Telluride Home rule townSan Miguel2,607
ThorntonHome rule cityAdams , Weld141,867
TimnathHome rule townLarimer6,487
Trinidad Home rule cityLas Animas8,329
Two ButtesStatutory townBaca34
VailHome rule townEagle4,835
VictorStatutory cityTeller379
VilasStatutory townBaca98
VonaStatutory townKit Carson95
Walden Statutory townJackson606
Walsenburg Statutory cityHuerfano3,049
WalshStatutory townBaca543
WardHome rule townBoulder128
WellingtonStatutory townLarimer11,047
Westcliffe Statutory townCuster435
WestminsterHome rule cityAdams , Jefferson116,317
Wheat RidgeHome rule cityJefferson32,398
WigginsStatutory townMorgan1,401
WileyStatutory townProwers437
WilliamsburgStatutory townFremont731
WindsorHome rule townWeld , Larimer32,716
Winter ParkHome rule townGrand1,033
Woodland ParkHome rule cityTeller7,920
Wray Home rule cityYuma2,358
YampaStatutory townRoutt399
YumaHome rule cityYuma3,456
The 271 municipalities active in 2020  4,299,942

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Cities in Colorado Map

To enhance your exploration, we provide an interactive map featuring the cities and towns throughout Colorado. This map serves as your visual guide, allowing you to easily navigate and plan your journey through the diverse landscapes of the state.

Cities in Colorado Frequently Asked Questions

What are major cities in Colorado?

Colorado is home to several major cities that offer a wide range of attractions, amenities, and cultural experiences. Here are some of the major cities in Colorado:

  1. Denver: As the capital and largest city in Colorado, Denver is a vibrant metropolis nestled in the Rocky Mountains. It boasts a thriving arts and culture scene, excellent museums, professional sports teams, and a bustling downtown area. Denver is also known for its proximity to outdoor recreational opportunities, including hiking, skiing, and mountain biking.
  2. Colorado Springs: Located near the base of Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs offers stunning natural beauty and a wealth of outdoor activities. The city is home to the famous Garden of the Gods, the United States Olympic & Paralympic Training Center, and the Air Force Academy. It is also a gateway to various hiking trails and the scenic beauty of the Rocky Mountains.
  3. Aurora: Situated just east of Denver, Aurora is the third-largest city in Colorado. It offers a diverse population, a range of cultural and recreational facilities, and easy access to Denver’s amenities. Aurora is known for its extensive park system, golf courses, and proximity to the Denver International Airport.
  4. Fort Collins: Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Fort Collins is renowned for its vibrant downtown area, craft breweries, and thriving music scene. The city is home to Colorado State University, which contributes to its youthful and energetic atmosphere. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore nearby Horsetooth Reservoir and enjoy biking and hiking trails.
  5. Boulder: Famous for its stunning natural beauty and outdoor recreation, Boulder is nestled against the iconic Flatirons. The city is known for its progressive culture, prestigious University of Colorado Boulder, and vibrant downtown Pearl Street Mall. Boulder offers ample opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, and cycling.

These major cities in Colorado offer a mix of urban amenities, natural beauty, and a high quality of life. Each city has its own unique character and attractions, making Colorado a diverse and exciting place to live and visit.

How many cities are in Colorado?

Colorado is home to a total of 271 incorporated municipalities, which include cities and towns. These municipalities range in size, from small towns with a few hundred residents to larger cities with populations in the hundreds of thousands. The state’s cities and towns offer a diverse range of experiences, from bustling urban environments to charming mountain communities. Whether you’re seeking vibrant city life or a peaceful small-town atmosphere, Colorado has a variety of options to suit different preferences.

Why is Colorado so popular?

Colorado is popular for a variety of reasons, attracting visitors and residents from around the world. Here are some key factors that contribute to Colorado’s popularity:

  1. Natural Beauty: Colorado is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes. The state is home to the majestic Rocky Mountains, with picturesque peaks, scenic drives, and world-class skiing and hiking opportunities. From dramatic canyons to serene alpine lakes, Colorado offers a diverse range of outdoor wonders.
  2. Outdoor Recreation: Colorado’s abundance of outdoor recreational activities is a major draw for adventure enthusiasts. Whether it’s skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, fishing, or whitewater rafting, there are endless opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors.
  3. Quality of Life: Colorado consistently ranks among the top states for quality of life. The state offers a healthy work-life balance, access to nature, low crime rates, and a high standard of living. The combination of outdoor activities, cultural attractions, and a thriving arts and food scene contributes to a well-rounded lifestyle.
  4. Thriving Urban Centers: Colorado boasts vibrant urban centers such as Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs. These cities offer a mix of cultural attractions, thriving arts scenes, diverse culinary options, and a strong sense of community. They also provide employment opportunities across various industries, including technology, healthcare, and energy.
  5. Craft Beer and Culinary Scene: Colorado is known for its craft beer culture, with numerous award-winning breweries scattered throughout the state. The culinary scene is equally impressive, featuring a variety of farm-to-table restaurants, food festivals, and innovative dining experiences.
  6. Healthy Living: Colorado has a reputation for promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. The abundance of outdoor activities, access to fresh air, and a focus on wellness contribute to a culture that emphasizes physical fitness and well-being.
  7. Cultural Offerings: Colorado is home to a rich cultural heritage, with a mix of Native American, Western, and modern influences. The state hosts numerous music festivals, art exhibits, theater productions, and cultural events that showcase its diverse arts scene.

These factors, combined with a strong economy, excellent educational institutions, and a welcoming community, make Colorado an appealing destination for both visitors and those seeking a high quality of life.

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