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Cities in Alabama

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the cities and towns of Alabama! Prepare to explore the rich heritage and diverse landscapes that define the Heart of Dixie. Our curated list features an array of cities and towns in Alabama, each with its own distinct charm and attractions.

Discover captivating cities like Birmingham, known for its vibrant arts scene and historical landmarks. Experience the Southern hospitality of Mobile, with its picturesque waterfront and lively Mardi Gras celebrations. Uncover the small-town charm of places like Huntsville or Florence, where history and natural beauty converge.

Flag of Alabama State
Flag of Alabama State

As you explore our list, you’ll find relevant facts about each city and town, including population figures that shed light on their size and vitality. Alabama’s cities and towns are home to a blend of cultural heritage, thriving industries, and close-knit communities, offering a unique glimpse into the state’s identity.

Experience the warmth of Southern hospitality as you venture through the cities and towns of Alabama. Let our guide and map be your trusted companions, guiding you to the hidden gems and remarkable experiences that await you in the Heart of Dixie.

List of Cities in Alabama

NameTypeCounty(ies)Population (2020)
Abbeville County seatCityHenry County2,358
AdamsvilleCityJefferson County4,366
AddisonTownWinston County659
AkronTownHale County225
AlabasterCityShelby County33,284
AlbertvilleCityMarshall County22,386
Alexander CityCityTallapoosa County14,843
AlicevilleCityPickens County2,177
AllgoodTownBlount County548
AltoonaTownEtowah County Blount County948
Andalusia County seatCityCovington County8,805
AndersonTownLauderdale County254
Anniston County seatCityCalhoun County21,564
ArabCityMarshall County Cullman County8,461
ArdmoreTownLimestone County1,321
ArgoTownSt. Clair County Jefferson County4,368
AritonTownDale County662
ArleyTownWinston County330
AshfordTownHouston County2,246
Ashland County seatTownClay County1,984
Ashville County seatCitySt. Clair County2,346
Athens County seatCityLimestone County25,406
AtmoreCityEscambia County8,391
AttallaCityEtowah County5,827
AuburnCityLee County76,143
AutaugavilleTownAutauga County795
AvonTownHouston County465
BabbieTownCovington County625
BaileytonTownCullman County649
BakerhillTownBarbour County211
BanksTownPike County156
Bay Minette County seatCityBaldwin County8,107
Bayou La BatreCityMobile County2,204
Bear CreekTownMarion County1,047
BeatriceTownMonroe County204
BeavertonTownLamar County187
BelkTownFayette County186
BentonTownLowndes County41
BerlinTownCullman County476
BerryTownFayette County1,216
BessemerCityJefferson County26,019
BillingsleyTownAutauga County125
Birmingham County seatCityJefferson County Shelby County200,733
BlackTownGeneva County221
BlountsvilleTownBlount County1,826
Blue SpringsTownBarbour County84
BoazCityMarshall County Etowah County10,107
BoligeeTownGreene County301
Bon AirTownTalladega County172
BrantleyTownCrenshaw County825
BrentCityBibb County2,972
Brewton County seatCityEscambia County5,276
BridgeportCityJackson County2,264
BrightonCityJefferson County2,337
BrilliantTownMarion County845
BrooksideTownJefferson County1,253
BrookwoodTownTuscaloosa County2,504
BrundidgeCityPike County2,073
Butler County seatTownChoctaw County1,871
CaleraCityShelby County Chilton County16,494
Camden County seatCityWilcox County1,927
Camp HillTownTallapoosa County1,006
Carbon HillCityWalker County1,769
CardiffTownJefferson County52
CarolinaTownCovington County286
Carrollton County seatTownPickens County1,023
CastleberryTownConecuh County486
Cedar BluffTownCherokee County1,845
Center PointCityJefferson County16,406
Centre County seatCityCherokee County3,587
Centreville County seatCityBibb County2,800
Chatom County seatTownWashington County1,104
ChelseaCityShelby County14,982
CherokeeTownColbert County970
ChickasawCityMobile County6,457
ChildersburgCityTalladega County Shelby County4,754
CitronelleCityMobile County3,946
Clanton County seatCityChilton County8,768
ClayCityJefferson County10,291
ClayhatcheeTownDale County466
Clayton County seatTownBarbour County2,265
ClevelandTownBlount County1,245
ClioCityBarbour County1,220
CoalingTownTuscaloosa County2,035
Coffee SpringsTownGeneva County206
CoffeevilleTownClarke County263
CokerTownTuscaloosa County904
CollinsvilleTownDeKalb County Cherokee County2,059
ColonyTownCullman County264
ColumbiaTownHouston County690
Columbiana County seatCityShelby County4,462
CoosadaTownElmore County1,217
CordovaCityWalker County1,728
CottonwoodTownHouston County1,048
County LineTownBlount County Jefferson County311
CourtlandTownLawrence County583
CowartsTownHouston County1,930
CreolaCityMobile County1,936
CrossvilleTownDeKalb County1,830
CubaTownSumter County306
Cullman County seatCityCullman County18,213
CussetaTownChambers County152
Dadeville County seatCityTallapoosa County3,084
DalevilleCityDale County4,866
DaphneCityBaldwin County27,462
Dauphin IslandTownMobile County1,778
DavistonTownTallapoosa County174
DaytonTownMarengo County28
DeatsvilleTownElmore County1,679
Decatur County seatCityMorgan County Limestone County57,938
DemopolisCityMarengo County7,162
DetroitTownLamar County230
Dodge CityTownCullman County548
DoraCityWalker County2,297
Dothan County seatCityHouston County Dale County Henry County71,072
Double Springs County seatTownWinston County1,119
DouglasTownMarshall County761
DozierTownCrenshaw County285
DuttonTownJackson County330
East BrewtonCityEscambia County2,293
EclecticTownElmore County1,193
EdwardsvilleTownCleburne County206
Elba County seatCityCoffee County3,508
ElbertaTownBaldwin County1,974
EldridgeTownWalker County136
ElkmontTownLimestone County411
ElmoreTownElmore County1,280
EmelleTownSumter County32
EnterpriseCityCoffee County Dale County28,711
EpesTownSumter County272
EthelsvilleTownPickens County49
EufaulaCityBarbour County12,882
Eutaw County seatCityGreene County2,937
EvaTownMorgan County589
Evergreen County seatCityConecuh County3,520
ExcelTownMonroe County557
FairfieldCityJefferson County10,000
FairhopeCityBaldwin County22,477
FairviewTownCullman County543
FalkvilleTownMorgan County1,197
FaunsdaleTownMarengo County90
Fayette County seatCityFayette County4,285
Five PointsTownChambers County114
FlomatonTownEscambia County1,466
FloralaTownCovington County1,923
Florence County seatCityLauderdale County40,184
FoleyCityBaldwin County20,335
ForklandTownGreene County445
Fort DepositTownLowndes County1,225
Fort Payne County seatCityDeKalb County14,877
FranklinTownMacon County590
Frisco CityTownMonroe County1,170
FruithurstTownCleburne County235
FultonTownClarke County223
FultondaleCityJefferson County9,876
FyffeTownDeKalb County967
Gadsden County seatCityEtowah County33,945
GainesvilleTownSumter County172
GanttTownCovington County196
Garden CityTownCullman County Blount County528
GardendaleCityJefferson County16,044
GaylesvilleTownCherokee County170
GeigerTownSumter County155
Geneva County seatCityGeneva County4,245
GeorgianaTownButler County1,324
GeraldineTownDeKalb County910
GilbertownTownChoctaw County739
Glen AllenTownFayette County Marion County433
GlencoeCityEtowah County Calhoun County5,372
GlenwoodTownCrenshaw County152
GoldvilleTownTallapoosa County52
Good HopeTownCullman County2,483
GoodwaterTownCoosa County1,291
GordoTownPickens County1,628
GordonTownHouston County294
GordonvilleTownLowndes County245
GoshenTownPike County269
GrantTownMarshall County1,039
GraysvilleCityJefferson County1,950
Greensboro County seatCityHale County2,218
Greenville County seatCityButler County7,374
GrimesTownDale County573
Grove Hill County seatTownClarke County1,818
GuinCityMarion County2,195
Gulf ShoresCityBaldwin County15,014
Guntersville County seatCityMarshall County8,553
GurleyTownMadison County816
Gu-WinTownMarion County Fayette County141
HackleburgTownMarion County1,425
HaleburgTownHenry County112
HaleyvilleCityWinston County Marion County4,361
Hamilton County seatCityMarion County7,042
HammondvilleTownDeKalb County425
HancevilleCityCullman County3,217
HarpersvilleTownShelby County1,614
HartfordCityGeneva County2,651
HartselleCityMorgan County15,455
HaydenTownBlount County1,342
Hayneville County seatTownLowndes County830
HeadlandCityHenry County4,973
HeathTownCovington County236
Heflin County seatCityCleburne County3,431
HelenaCityShelby County Jefferson County20,914
HenagarCityDeKalb County2,292
Highland LakeTownBlount County412
HillsboroTownLawrence County407
Hobson CityTownCalhoun County759
HodgesTownFranklin County265
Hokes BluffCityEtowah County4,446
Holly PondTownCullman County851
HollywoodTownJackson County914
HomewoodCityJefferson County26,414
HooverCityJefferson County Shelby County92,606
Horn HillTownCovington County207
HueytownCityJefferson County16,776
Huntsville County seatCityMadison County Limestone County Morgan County [10]215,006
HurtsboroTownRussell County349
HytopTownJackson County441
IderTownDeKalb County735
Indian Springs VillageTownShelby County2,481
IrondaleCityJefferson County13,497
JacksonCityClarke County4,748
Jackson’s GapTownTallapoosa County747
JacksonvilleCityCalhoun County14,385
Jasper County seatCityWalker County14,572
JemisonCityChilton County2,642
KansasTownWalker County180
KellytonTownCoosa County129
KennedyTownLamar County435
KillenTownLauderdale County1,034
KimberlyCityJefferson County3,841
KinseyTownHouston County2,203
KinstonTownCoffee County580
LaFayette County seatCityChambers County2,684
Lake ViewTownTuscaloosa County3,560
LakeviewTownDeKalb County161
LanettCityChambers County6,970
LangstonTownJackson County265
LeedsCityJefferson County St. Clair County Shelby County12,324
LeesburgTownCherokee County911
LeightonTownColbert County665
LesterTownLimestone County111
Level PlainsCityDale County1,825
LexingtonTownLauderdale County727
LibertyvilleTownCovington County108
LincolnCityTalladega County6,845
Linden County seatCityMarengo County1,930
LinevilleCityClay County2,489
LipscombCityJefferson County2,086
LismanTownChoctaw County427
LittlevilleTownColbert County1,038
Livingston County seatCitySumter County3,436
LoachapokaTownLee County160
LockhartTownCovington County445
Locust ForkTownBlount County1,192
LouisvilleTownBarbour County395
LowndesboroTownLowndes County89
LoxleyTownBaldwin County3,710
Luverne County seatCityCrenshaw County2,765
LynnTownWinston County610
MadisonCityMadison County Limestone County56,933
MadridTownHouston County265
Magnolia SpringsTownBaldwin County811
MalvernTownGeneva County1,536
MaplesvilleTownChilton County637
MargaretCitySt. Clair County5,106
Marion County seatCityPerry County3,176
MaytownTownJefferson County316
McIntoshTownWashington County206
McKenzieTownButler County Conecuh County507
McMullenTownPickens County32
MemphisTownPickens County29
MentoneTownDeKalb County319
MidfieldCityJefferson County5,211
Midland CityTownDale County2,239
MidwayTownBullock County421
MillbrookCityElmore County Autauga County16,564
MillportTownLamar County1,010
MillryTownWashington County450
Mobile County seatCityMobile County187,041
Monroeville County seatCityMonroe County5,951
MontevalloCityShelby County7,229
Montgomery State capital and county seatCityMontgomery County200,603
MoodyCitySt. Clair County13,170
MooresvilleTownLimestone County47
MorrisTownJefferson County2,259
MossesTownLowndes County834
Moulton County seatCityLawrence County3,398
MoundvilleTownHale County Tuscaloosa County3,024
Mount VernonTownMobile County1,354
Mountain BrookCityJefferson County22,461
MulgaTownJefferson County784
MunfordTownTalladega County1,351
Muscle ShoalsCityColbert County16,275
MyrtlewoodTownMarengo County70
Napier FieldTownDale County409
Natural BridgeTownWinston County32
NauvooTownWalker County Winston County185
NectarTownBlount County379
NeedhamTownChoctaw County73
New BrocktonTownCoffee County1,428
New HopeCityMadison County2,889
New SiteTownTallapoosa County773
NewbernTownHale County133
NewtonTownDale County1,607
NewvilleTownHenry County544
North CourtlandTownLawrence County483
North JohnsTownJefferson County127
NorthportCityTuscaloosa County31,125
NotasulgaTownMacon County Lee County914
Oak GroveTownTalladega County564
Oak HillTownWilcox County14
OakmanTownWalker County771
OdenvilleTownSt. Clair County4,969
OhatcheeTownCalhoun County1,157
Oneonta County seatCityBlount County6,938
OnychaTownCovington County167
Opelika County seatCityLee County30,995
OppCityCovington County6,771
Orange BeachCityBaldwin County8,095
OrrvilleTownDallas County150
Owens Cross RoadsCityMadison County2,594
OxfordCityCalhoun County Talladega County22,069
Ozark County seatCityDale County14,368
Paint RockTownJackson County182
ParrishTownWalker County982
PelhamCityShelby County24,318
Pell City County seatCitySt. Clair County12,939
PenningtonTownChoctaw County329
Perdido BeachTownBaldwin County555
PetreyTownCrenshaw County67
Phenix City County seatCityRussell County Lee County38,816
Phil CampbellTownFranklin County992
PickensvilleTownPickens County557
PiedmontCityCalhoun County Cherokee County4,787
Pike RoadTownMontgomery County9,439
PinckardTownDale County582
Pine AppleTownWilcox County143
Pine HillTownWilcox County758
Pine RidgeTownDeKalb County263
PinsonCityJefferson County7,215
PisgahTownJackson County681
Pleasant GroveCityJefferson County9,544
Pleasant GrovesTownJackson County426
PollardTownEscambia County128
PowellTownDeKalb County901
Prattville County seatCityAutauga County Elmore County37,781
PricevilleTownMorgan County3,512
PrichardCityMobile County19,322
ProvidenceTownMarengo County167
RaglandTownSt. Clair County1,693
Rainbow CityCityEtowah County10,191
RainsvilleCityDeKalb County5,505
RanburneTownCleburne County422
Red BayCityFranklin County3,232
Red LevelTownCovington County432
Reece CityTownEtowah County615
ReformCityPickens County1,520
RehobethTownHouston County1,791
ReptonTownConecuh County235
RidgevilleTownEtowah County83
River FallsTownCovington County479
RiversideTownSt. Clair County2,227
RiverviewTownEscambia County163
RoanokeCityRandolph County5,311
RobertsdaleCityBaldwin County6,708
Rockford County seatTownCoosa County349
RogersvilleTownLauderdale County1,286
RosaTownBlount County376
Russellville County seatCityFranklin County10,855
RutledgeTownCrenshaw County351
St. FlorianTownLauderdale County584
SamsonCityGeneva County1,874
Sand RockTownCherokee County DeKalb County591
SanfordTownCovington County257
SaralandCityMobile County16,171
Sardis CityTownEtowah County1,814
SatsumaCityMobile County6,749
Scottsboro County seatCityJackson County15,578
SectionTownJackson County756
Selma County seatCityDallas County17,971
SheffieldCityColbert County9,403
ShilohTownDeKalb County321
ShorterTownMacon County385
SilasTownChoctaw County377
SilverhillTownBaldwin County768
SipseyTownWalker County363
SkylineTownJackson County834
SlocombCityGeneva County2,082
Smiths StationCityLee County5,384
SneadTownBlount County1,032
SomervilleTownMorgan County796
South VinemontTownCullman County558
SouthsideCityEtowah County Calhoun County9,426
Spanish FortCityBaldwin County10,049
SpringvilleCitySt. Clair County4,786
SteeleTownSt. Clair County992
StevensonCityJackson County1,955
SulligentCityLamar County1,879
SumitonCityWalker County Jefferson County2,444
SummerdaleTownBaldwin County1,468
Susan MooreTownBlount County787
Sweet WaterTownMarengo County228
SylacaugaCityTalladega County12,578
Sylvan SpringsTownJefferson County1,653
SylvaniaTownDeKalb County1,790
Talladega SpringsTownTalladega County144
Talladega County seatCityTalladega County15,861
TallasseeCityElmore County Tallapoosa County4,763
TarrantCityJefferson County6,124
TaylorTownHouston County Geneva County2,262
ThomastonTownMarengo County326
ThomasvilleCityClarke County3,649
ThorsbyTownChilton County2,064
Town CreekTownLawrence County1,052
ToxeyTownChoctaw County145
TraffordTownJefferson County613
TrianaTownMadison County2,890
TrinityTownMorgan County2,526
Troy County seatCityPike County17,727
TrussvilleCityJefferson County St. Clair County26,123
Tuscaloosa County seatCityTuscaloosa County99,600
Tuscumbia County seatCityColbert County9,054
Tuskegee County seatCityMacon County9,395
TwinTownMarion County359
Union GroveTownMarshall County67
Union Springs County seatCityBullock County3,358
UnionTownGreene County180
UniontownCityPerry County2,107
ValleyCityChambers County10,529
Valley GrandeCityDallas County4,190
Valley HeadTownDeKalb County577
VanceTownTuscaloosa County Bibb County2,092
Vernon County seatCityLamar County1,921
Vestavia HillsCityJefferson County Shelby County39,102
VinaTownFranklin County325
VincentTownShelby County St. Clair County Talladega County1,982
VredenburghTownMonroe County222
WadleyTownRandolph County659
WaldoTownTalladega County258
Walnut GroveTownEtowah County773
WarriorCityJefferson County Blount County3,224
WaterlooTownLauderdale County178
WaverlyTownChambers County Lee County159
WeaverCityCalhoun County3,339
WebbTownHouston County1,270
Wedowee County seatTownRandolph County737
West BloctonTownBibb County1,217
West JeffersonTownJefferson County417
West PointTownCullman County584
WestoverCityShelby County1,766
Wetumpka County seatCityElmore County7,220
White HallTownLowndes County806
WilsonvilleTownShelby County1,857
WiltonTownShelby County587
WinfieldCityMarion County Fayette County4,845
WoodlandTownRandolph County221
WoodstockTownBibb County Tuscaloosa County1,472
WoodvilleTownJackson County746
Yellow BluffTownWilcox County208
YorkCitySumter County2,414
Total municipalities3,081,319

For more details and table source: List of municipalities in Alabama

Cities in Alabama Map

To enhance your exploration, we provide an interactive map showcasing the cities and towns throughout Alabama. This map serves as your visual guide, allowing you to easily navigate and plan your journey through the state.

Frequently Asked Questions

What major cities are in Alabama?

Alabama is home to several major cities that contribute to the state’s cultural, economic, and historical significance. The major cities in Alabama include:

  1. Birmingham: Known as the largest city in Alabama, Birmingham is a vibrant metropolitan area with a rich industrial and civil rights history. It is a hub for arts, culture, and business.
  2. Montgomery: As the capital city of Alabama, Montgomery holds great historical significance. It played a pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement and is home to iconic landmarks like the Rosa Parks Museum and the Alabama State Capitol.
  3. Mobile: Located on the Gulf Coast, Mobile is a port city known for its Mardi Gras celebrations, maritime heritage, and beautiful waterfront. It offers a unique blend of history, culture, and coastal charm.
  4. Huntsville: Huntsville is renowned for its contributions to space exploration and technology. It houses NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, making it a hub for science and innovation.
  5. Tuscaloosa: Home to the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa boasts a lively college town atmosphere. It offers a mix of historic sites, outdoor recreation, and a passionate football culture.

These major cities in Alabama showcase the diverse offerings and unique characteristics that make the state a fascinating destination to explore.

What is most popular in Alabama?

Alabama is known for several popular attractions and experiences that draw visitors from around the world. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Gulf Coast Beaches: Alabama’s coastline along the Gulf of Mexico offers beautiful sandy beaches and warm waters. Popular beach destinations like Gulf Shores and Orange Beach attract tourists with their pristine shores, water sports, fishing, and vibrant beachside communities.
  2. Civil Rights History: Alabama played a significant role in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Visitors can explore historic sites such as the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery, and the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, gaining insights into the struggle for equality and social justice.
  3. Music Heritage: Alabama has deep roots in various music genres. The state is considered the birthplace of blues music, with places like Muscle Shoals and Montgomery fostering a rich musical heritage. The Alabama Music Hall of Fame and the Hank Williams Museum pay homage to the state’s musical legends.
  4. Sports Culture: Alabama is renowned for its passionate sports culture, particularly college football. The University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide and Auburn University’s Tigers have loyal fan bases, and attending a football game in Tuscaloosa or Auburn is an electrifying experience.
  5. Natural Wonders: Alabama offers stunning natural landscapes. The Bankhead National Forest, Little River Canyon National Preserve, and Cheaha State Park provide opportunities for hiking, camping, and outdoor adventures. The state’s rivers and lakes, such as the Tennessee River and Lake Martin, are popular for boating and fishing.

These are just a few examples of what makes Alabama popular among tourists and residents alike. The state’s blend of history, natural beauty, coastal attractions, and vibrant culture ensures there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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